Important phone calls or most primarily, the business calls can be re-directed to specific phone numbers by the versatility of virtual phone number. These days, businesses and corporations look upon the virtual phone numbers as the highly significant business assets. Customers are filled with deep doubts, illusions and misconceptions that require being resolved for abounding business outcome. An efficient virtual number provider in Delhi ends at Oasis IT Zone which has emerged as the most prolific IT company in recent years. Our qualified engineers have re-defined the virtual number service in a bid to empower businesses to enjoy direct communication with potential customers.

Oasis IT Zone is acclaimed as the architect of most innovative and digitally enabled IVR virtualnumber service in Delhi. Our IVR services are designed with the important technological foundations to underpin supreme business expansion hopes in a short period.Not only this, but our custom IVR services are formulated for ensuring outstanding business manipulation.

We ensure opting high ethics so that you can get only the best services from us. We are acclaimed as the leadingIVR provider, and the host of excellent services are as mentioned below:

  • Efficient call forwarding service
  • Effective call recording
  • Useful facility for call conferencing
  • Business-oriented call follow up alerts are ensured

Benefits you can gain from our IVR virtual number service are:

In the current times of extremely technological advancement, bulk email marketing offers you the efficient way to advertise your service or product. We have been active in this challenging field of digital marketing for the past four years since 2012 and also assisted some 200 business houses and large corporations to avail quality service of bulk email Delhi. In just a few years, due to our promotional email efforts, some of the businesses have accumulated huge recognition. The most notified characteristics of our services are:

  • Successfully store leads online by efficiently using web-to-lead form
  • Perform immediate distribution of leads right through the lead management system
  • Introduce preferred IVR complaint management system to deal with customer complaints in quick time

Moreover, we create the winning situation for both the seller and buyer as well. A buyer always looks for the desired information in context to the product or service and at the same time the seller searches for all possible opportunities to pitch their product or service to the prospective buyer who has permitted them. Undoubtedly, it is essential to understand that the lead generation is amost crucial requirementfor any type businessmarketing and IVR service could help you get that prime leads.

Our IVR system can be played on mobile or landline numbers and can forward customer’s call right to the related department. Apart from all these, we offer you a system with a complete analytical report that includes all call details along with missed ones. The report can be convenient in evaluating the call performance and designing business strategy.

Therefore, if you are one among those looking for asupreme level of service in the field of virtual number, Oasis IT Zone can be the prestigious IVR provider agency in Delhi. We call upon all businesses to merely count upon our dominant expertise to fulfil your business objectives.

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