Missed Call Alert

If we integrate miscallalert service with other communication media like SMS/IVR etc. then definitely, it could be amost effective wayto generate mass leads.At Oasis IT Zone, you can avail advanced Missed Call alerts service and get engage with customers most efficiently. In fact, the service allows you receive notifying alerts when you failed to attend to some important calls. The service can be very and hence can make up for lots of the otherwise lost business. It does not matter; whether the caller turns out to be the mobile number or a landline number or the toll-free number, with our missed call alert service, you can get all real notification via emails or SMS. In fact, every data is stored on your control so that you can access it later.

Being a leadingmissed call service provider in Delhi NCR,we ensure to cover all the significant aspects and offer the right service that could meet our customers’ requirement. Our missed call alert service is abundantly feature packed and is ideally meant to those operating in a range of business like in sales, CRM, support, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc.

Over the years, Oasis IT Zone has offered its missed call alert facilityand provided the solution dealing with a host of crucial business requirements, such as:

  • Extending business support for tremendous quality,
  • Preparing rich grounds for sales and for pulling up more extensive marketing powered by brand popularity,
  • Integration of customer databases for promising business outcomes
  • Verification of the mobile numbers in an accurate manner

Key Features of our Misscall Alert Service

  • Contact list with all fields can successfully map easily with Miss Call system.
  • The system can be easily setupin just afew minutes.
  • Provide you with theweb-based panel,and you can operate it from anywhere. There is no requirement to install any extra applications.
  • Provide with real-time reports of all miss-calls fetched in the control panel, and so you can have a proper analysis of thecampaign.
  • Premium quality service of auto emails, call reporting,and meaningful voice responses can be custom programmed as well,


These days many organisations make use of atoll-free number to provide for support but there are certain drawbacks, like high billing of theincoming call and simultaneous increase in hold time further increases the billing to theorganisation. By opting Missed Call service, you can reduce the hold time. Also, it is free for every client. Apart from this, you can avail thefacility to conduct surveys & polls.

Hence, Oasis IT Zone is a leading missed call alert service provider in Delhi NCRand our engineers always put efforts to bring about enchanting automation in communication on all levels. Unlimited missed call alerts are ensured for businesses during the tenure of their subscription, which is further powered by seamless web-support remain available to companies round the clock.

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