Long Code

These days many marketers are making use of long code to boost up their companies’ revenue. In general, these long codes are nothing more than ten digit virtual phone number that you can make use to connect and communicate with your potential customers. Businesses (from media houses to colleges and universities) all scramble to subscribe to such Long code serviceto establisha secure link with the target audience or potential customers to receive the response in quick time.

Avail Long code service to get global even if you are keeping it local

Today Long Code service is a grand marketing strategy for inbound customer interaction. It has turned in to a great person to person messaging platform for text and voice. At Oasis IT Zone, we offer Long code servicemost proficiently with full-scale automation.

The striking features of our long list of services about Long Code are as illustrated below:

  • Unique keyword is assigned which further pulls up massive business queries and expansion in a short time
  • Ensure a user-friendly control panel for easy management
  • Offer Long code SMS as a part of bulk SMS is being arranged for dedicated buyers or customers with more profound interest
  • Facilitates in sending and receiving of message by using variable length character encoding
  • Replies are customised by bulk SMS service API
  • Provide detail reporting with ensured either weekly or monthly status for better decision making,
  • Useful and expert comments are being bundled with monthly reporting

We fully comply with the norms and regulations of TRAI. As one of the leading Long Code ServiceProvider in Delhi, we pay proper attention to the keywords and try to bridge the gap between you and your customers. We offer the tendigits virtual number that works for your applications only. Also, our experts help you to configureAPI in thediligently programmed application that further ensures seamless web services as well.

Studies show that most of the time your devoted customers and subscribers are assigned with long codes which are often difficult to remember but at Oasis IT Zone, our exceptionally programmed software can handle such queries and long codes can be manipulated in some business cases. What else, such a proficient long code service in Delhi comes with a reasonable service charge.

We are a bunch of experts to administer exceptional handling of Long code services in Delhi.

So, if you are newbie entrepreneurs, then this technology and our service can prove very beneficial for you. Long Code service is highly recommended for you to promote your business and get quick returns without investing too much.

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